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Top tips

Shed members have a lot of varied experience with many tales and top tips to share. We will share  them here with you. If you have top tips to share, do let us know. We love to add them to the list.


Zhoozh up tired furniture using Frog tape to create a striking graphic. Having more adhesive than masking tape, using Frog tape means the paint doesn't bleed leaving clean lines.

Sow Nasturtiums . With just pennies you can cover a lot of ground with these cheerful annuals. Simply pop the pea sized seed a cm depth into your soil. As well as providing a bonanza of colour, you can eat the leaves and flowers in a salad, make delicious pesto with the leaves and pickle the seeds to use as capers. Plus the caterpillars love them so act as a handy diversion from your cabbages. 


When sawing timber lubricate the saw of your blade to ease the action of the saw through the wood.

Brighten your day  When all the world feels grey, clean one window. Don't decide to clean them all or you'll never get started. Give them a quick wash with soapy water, wipe with a rubber blade then a squirt of vinegar and rub with crumpled newspaper. The more you wipe, the better you feel and the brighter your windows :)


Get the most out of your citrus fruit  by zesting the skins and freezing to use for another time when needed. Or slice your lemons, freeze on a tray and then bag up to be pulled out when needed to chill your iced tea or G&T! 

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