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The Shed's Dinky Scrapstore

Scrapstores are places, found all over the country that take in donated items and manufacturing waste and make them available for play and creative projects. The Shed gets many various materials donated and we are delighted we can divert them from going to landfill. While we are still very dinky in scrapstore terms, we still have many treasures to make use of.

You are able to come to the Dinky Scrapstore during opening hours to take what you need for your project in exchange for a donation to Shed.

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 10-12 and on the first Saturday of the month 10-12. *

Come along and get inspired by the gems we have in store. We ask that you take just the amount you think you need for your project. And feel free to return anything you don't use!

Please do get in touch if you have something you're specifically looking for, we may well be able to help. 

If you have items to donate we would love to hear from you. It is helpful if you could get in touch with us before delivering to check, as we do have limited storage space!

Our Clients

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